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O2 Portable Oxygen Monitor



Spares and Accessories have a 1 week lead time.

Applications: Diving, Medical, Gas Manufacturing & Blending
What is it:  Portable Oxygen Monitor
Single / Multi-Gas Detector:Single 
What it measures: Oxygen 
Portable / Fixed: Portable 

Gas cylinders may have been filled incorrectly, but how do you know?
By using the O2 Portable oxygen monitor which is designed to provide fast and accurate sample readings from cylinders containing different levels of oxygen (O2). 

Simply switch the unit on and it is ready to use as an instant spot check. The handheld unit is quick and easy to operate, with a robust design.

How it works 

Ensuring the oxygen content of a cylinder is correct is vital to ensure the safety of the end user. The O2 Portable provides a fast and accurate reading of O2 levels in that cylinder, easy to use as an instant spot check, the handheld unit is quick and simple to operate, with a robust design.

The O2 Portable has a large digital display and operates from an internal temperature compensated 3 year life (expected) electrochemical oxygen sensor. Power is provided
by a 9V, 4000-hour life battery giving up to 3 year operation before replacement is necessary.

  • Fitted with a temperature compensated sensor which offers an expected 3 year life
  • Water and drop resistance, perfect for when using onboard diving trips
  • Compact and robust with minimal maintenance costs
  • Supplied with various sampling adaptors to easily fit the most commonly used cylinders
  • Range: 0.1% to 100% in O2
  • Accuracy: ±1% of reading over range 0 to 50% when calibrated on air in accordance with the manual ±2% of reading over range 0 to 100% when calibrated on certified pure oxygen in accordance with the manual
  • Sensor Warranty: 2 years (graded)
  • Sensor Response: <15 seconds to T90
  • Power: 9V Alkaline (PP3)
  • Operating Temp: -5°C to 50°C
  • Dimensions: 64mm x 98mm x 36mm (w x h x d)
  • Weight: 200g
     Part Number Portable Oxygen Monitor
    Portable Oxygen Monitor complete with long life cell and both the standard flow adaptor and the domed flow adaptor/restrictor. Range 0-100%.

    Spares & Accessories
    Flow adaptor
    Replacement oxygen cell. NSN: 6515-99-K02-4558.
    MIO2HO Replacement tubing (per metre). NSN: 6630-99-878-8706.
    Spare O ring (pack of 2).
    Sample draw kit: consisting of: universal flow adaptor, aspirator bulb, rubber tubing and stainless steel probe.
    MO2BGYY02 Portable Oxygen Monitor for use with welding includes sample draw kit.

    Mini O2 UBS Version only
    9100-9212-9 O2 sensor with screw thread and molex connector - only for use in UBS Mini O2 version. NOTE: this sensor is not suitable for a standard Portable Oxygen Monitor.

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