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Fixed & Portable CO₂ Safety Package

What’s included in our CO₂ Safety Package:

  • CO₂ BUDDY personal CO₂  alarm
  • Ax60+ Central Unit display 
  • Ax60+ CO sensor 
  • Ax60+ Blue Alarm strobe
  • Sensor protector kit

Safeguard your personnel at all times with fixed and portable gas detection solutions. This CO₂  package includes a personal CO₂  Alarm and fixed detection unit for a complete safety solution.

CO₂ Personal Safety Alarm

The Analox CO₂ BUDDY is a super lightweight personal CO₂ alarm specifically designed for employees who work in enclosed areas, or those who visit different sites, where carbon dioxide buildup can cause serious harm to health.

The CO₂ BUDDY was designed to easily clip to a shirt pocket, lanyard, or belt without drag. Used to alert the user and people in the area to dangerous carbon dioxide leaks, the CO₂ BUDDY features high visibility LED’s, a loud alarm, and powerful vibration motor.

CO₂ fixed detection unit

The Ax60+ from Analox is a wall-mounted CO₂  sensor system, which can have up to 4 sensors attached per Central Unit. The Ax60+ provides constant monitoring for your facility. The gas detection system can be set at different alarm levels to ensure compliance with all health and safety regulations.

CO₂ BUDDY datasheet

CO₂ BUDDY quick start guide

Ax60+ datasheet

Ax60+ quick connect version quick start guide

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