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ACG+ 6 Month Service Kit

Do you want to be able to maintain & service the ACG+ in country?

To reduce any potential downtime we offer handy maintenance kits so you can be self-sufficient and keep your system fully operational.

Never be without your service kits.

6 monthly service for ACG+ comprising: 
• Replacement of the PID Lamp
• Replacement of the internal particulate filter
• Complete with PID sensor electrode stack removal tool

Our expert aftersales team, ensure that your units are kept in optimum condition to protect you.

The ACG+ breathing air gas monitor continuously monitors for contaminants in your compressed breathing air.

Monitoring for CO, CO, CO, dewpoint and VOC’s, the ACG+ offers instant results to potential contamination in your breathing air.

You have the ability to maintain the ACG+ in-country, saving you downtime and expense in returning it.

Part Number: ACG+6MS

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