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Regulations and Guidance

Make sure you're compliant with the latest Regulations and Legislation surrounding confined spaces and gas detection requirements for your business and the different recommendations applicable for different countries, regions and municipalities. 

Take a look at the links to documents below which are applicable to different countries.

Legislation Industry Country Link
IFC 2018 All industries US Section 5307 Compressed Gases Not Otherwise Regulated & Chapter 50 Hazardous Materials – General Provisions
NBIC 2017 All industries US 2017 NBIC Part 1 Supplement 3 for Installations and 2017 NBIC Part 2 Supplement 12 for Inspections


CO2 transcritical systems Groceries Colombian grocery chain Éxito has fitted its first CO2 transcritical system, in a new Bogotá store.
NFPA 55 (2016) All industries US NFPA 55: Compressed gases and cryogenic fluids code
Nitrogen Storage Guidelines (2016) Laboratories Italy
BS EN 12021 (2014) Sports Diving / Commercial Diving / Breathing Air UK Diver's breathing air standard and the frequency of examination and tests
Safe Work In Confined Spaces (2014) and HSE Confined Spaces Regulations (1997) All industries UK Working in confined spaces - gas monitoring advice from the HSE
EH40 (2011, 2005) All industries Europe EH40 workplace exposure limits
Workplace Safety and Health Act (2009) All industries Singapore
BS 6173 (2009) All industries UK Specification for installation and maintenance of gas-fired catering appliances for use in all types of catering establishments
AS5034 - Installation and use of inert gases for beverage dispensing (2005) Hospitality Australia AS5034 compliance in beverage dispensing
Health and Safety at Work etc Act (1974) All industries UK Health and Safety at Work etc Act
OSHA - permissible exposure limits (1970) All industries US OSHA - permissible exposure limits

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