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A wide variety of gases are used in laboratories such as carbon dioxide (CO₂), argon (Ar), helium (He), nitrogen (N₂) and oxygen (O₂). These gases pose a serious risk should they leak, this risk can occur from fixed piped gas systems or individual cylinders of gases.

We offer a range of fixed & portable gas detectors suitable for various laboratory and medical processes that use gas and are ideal for detecting gas leaks.

From portable oxygen (O₂) monitors, such as our Aspida, to fixed monitors such as the ONE+, our range can help keep you safe from inert gas leaks.

Carbon dioxide (CO₂)  is widely used as a laboratory gas in cryogenic applications, sample transportation and cell culture incubators. Other gases stored in laboratories include inert gases such as argon (Ar), nitrogen (N₂) and helium (He) which are used as carrier gases, or in cryogenics. Whereas a leak of CO₂ will cause a higher concentration of this gas in the atmosphere, a leak of any of these gases can lead to oxygen (O₂ ) depletion. Laboratories also store and operate with high levels of oxygen (O₂). A leak of enriched oxygen (O₂) is a fire risk.

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