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Carbon dioxide (CO₂)

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is a colorless and odourless gas, which in very low concentrations, is present in the air we breath. Classified as a ‘substance hazardous to health’ by the Health & Safety Organizations - in higher concentrations carbon dioxide becomes harmful to health, and has proved to be fatal in many circumstances. One of the biggest dangers of carbon dioxide (CO₂), is the fact that it is a ‘silent killer’ as it simply cannot be detected by human senses alone, even at the highest of concentrations.

Wherever carbon dioxide (CO₂) is stored in an establishment, there is a risk of potentially fatal leaks. Carbon dioxide (CO₂) leaks happen day in, day out - and often prove fatal.
A worker typically enters an environment with high carbon dioxide (COconcentrations, loses consciousness, falls onto the floor - where the gas concentrations are higher still. Death then occurs through asphyxiation. It would be a misconception to believe that these accidents only happen in industrial environments, where danger is expected. These deaths and incidents take place in a wide range of environments, including restaurants, bars and fast food kiosks.

Our business has been built on the back of successful detection of carbon dioxide (COusing a wide range of sensors, both portable and fixed - all of which can be seen below.

The latest development to the range of carbon dioxide detection equipment is the Ax60+, our fixed point CO₂ monitor. This product is easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to tailor around your exact measurement requirements - with different alarm points being easily set, to adhere to local legislation.

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