Central Unit for Fixed CO2 Monitor Ax60+

Gas sensors and alarms sold separately

The Central Unit is for the Ax60+ wall-mounted multi-gas monitor for use with the carbon dioxide (CO₂) sensors and oxygen (O₂) sensors.

The Central Unit displays gas levels and can be programmed by the user to alarm and sound at customizable set-points specific to their requirements. The system also displays a Time Weighted Average (TWA) level, monitoring an 8 hour period.


You can select up to four sensors per Central Unit of any combination of CO2 sensors or O2 sensors. We recommend that you have one sensor per 80m³ area, but you must always carry out a full risk assessment for your specific facility.

Please note, you must purchase an Ax60+ Central Unit in order to link up your CO₂ and O₂ sensors, a sensor will not work on its own.

The Central Unit should be installed away from the risk area in a managers office, or operation room. 

Part Number: AX60CUQYXA

What’s included? 

  • Central Display Unit
  • 2m cable attached 
  • universal plug with adaptors as standard
  • PSU securing strip
  • Fixing kit
  • RJ45 inline coupler

The Ax60+ is recommended for commercial areas which use and store gas to protect employees and customers, including bars, cellars and walk-in coolers, pubs, restaurants, fast-food outlets, stadiums, theatres and facilities which use CO₂ incubators and oxygen therapy techniques.

More Information on the Ax60+

Safety Signage
We also recommend that you purchase appropriate safety signage which can be downloaded and printed. Alarm warning sign, sensor warning sign and CO2 safety sign for the Central Unit.

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