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Dispense gas (also known as beer gas, keg gas, cellar gas and pub gas) is used to help with the process of dispensing drinks, usually in bars and restaurants and usually in the leisure and hospitality industry. Using dispense gas in the process of dispensing beer and soft drinks is commonly applied worldwide.

Carbon dioxide (CO) or a nitrogen (N) mix are routinely used by pubs and bars to ‘pump’ beverages through beer gas lines or to carbonate fizzy drinks on site. Bars, restaurants and other leisure facility gas suppliers, not only deliver gas to put the ‘fizz’ in drinks and to help transport the beverage from keg to pump...but the gas also contributes to the taste. Carbon dioxide (CO₂), as a keg gas, helps to keep the keg contents sterile and kept at the right quantities, helps to maintain draft beer equipment and an efficient dispense system.

Having the correct equipment to monitor for dangerous levels of gas is critical and plays a huge part in keeping both staff and the public safe.

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