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Fixed CO₂ Monitor - Ax60+

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Applications: Breweries, Wineries, Bars, Pub Cellars and Walk-in Coolers, Fast Food Restaurants, Stadiums, Shopping Malls, and Theatres 
What is it: Carbon Dioxide (CO) Monitor
Single / Multi-Gas Detector: Single (Option to be Multi-Gas)
What it measures:Carbon Dioxide (CO)
Why you should buy: Offers protection from dangerous levels of carbon dioxide (CO₂) 
Portable / Fixed: Fixed 

Analox Ax60+ COSet
1 x Central Display Unit
1 x Ax60+ CO₂ Sensor Unit
1 x Ax60+ Alarm Unit (blue strobe)
Quick connect with universal power supply

The Ax60+ is a fixed, wall-mounted multi-gas monitor for detecting carbon dioxide (CO) with an option for monitoring oxygen (O) depletion and enrichment. Suitable for use in breweries, wineries, bars, pub cellars and walk-in coolers, fast food restaurants, stadiums, shopping malls, and theatres, or anywhere gas is being used for beverage carbonation or transporting drinks from keg to draft towers and dispensers.

The Ax60+ multi-gas monitor precedes the Ax60 and offers the additional functionality of being able to add modular sensors and data outputs, creating a fully flexible solution for CO monitoring.

An Ax60+ can have up to 4 sensors of any variant.

Up to date with Regulations

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) sensor alarm set points are pre-configured ready to meet:

USA regulations (OSHA, NBIC, NFPA and IFC) :

  • TWA - 5000ppm (0.5%)
  • AL1 - 5000ppm (0.5%)
  • AL2 - 15000ppm (1.5%)
  • AL3 - 30000ppm (3%)

European/International regulations (EH40):

  • TWA -5000ppm (0.5%)
  • AL1 - 15000ppm (1.5%)
  • CO2 - 30000ppm (3%)

Offering a quick, ‘out of the box’ installation. Set points can also be user configured to ensure compliance in any part of the world.

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The Ax60+ CO bundle contains a Central Display Unit, one CO Sensor, and one Blue Alarm Strobe, everything you need to protect your facility from CO gas leaks.

  • Data Output Module, providing 4-20mA and MODBUS communications, is the newest addition to the Ax60+, find out more about its featureshere. 
  • Multi-point, multi-gas, distributed monitoring system
  • 4-channel flexibility allowing any sensor combination - both now and in the future
  • Central display unit for remote operation and control
  • User-configurable alarms, setpoints and relay outputs
  • Built-in software for operation and maintenance tasks
  • Relay 'failsafe options'
  • Improved accuracy and calibration for CO channels
  • Meets TUV, DIN, NFPA, IFC and OSHA requirements
  • Up to five year sensor and electronics warranty
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • The Ax60+ has 2 built in relays as standard.
  • Central Display Unit
  • 1 x CO2 Sensor
  • 1 x blue alarm strobe 
  • Power supply
  • Sensor protector fixing kit

AX60+ Datasheet

AX60+ User Manual

AX60+ Service Manual

AX60+ Quick Start Guide

AX60+ Drilling Template

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