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Sub Aspida CO₂ & O₂ (Belt Clip) by Analox

Analox Sub Aspida: 0-5% CO₂, 0-100% O₂, Uni PSU/Charger, Belt Clip

The Sub Aspida is a compact, portable analyzer monitoring for carbon dioxide and oxygen within a submarine environment.

Perfect to be used as a secondary monitor, the Sub Aspida is fitted with a unique corrected functionality ensuring the unit doesn’t provide ‘false positive’ alarms.

Intuitive to use allowing submariners to focus on their primary roles and with maintenance being performed in country the Sub Aspida is cost-effective and reduces user downtime.

Designed specifically for the submarine environment by the atmosphere monitoring specialists, 

Let Analox analyzers protect you when you are protecting the Country.

Part Number: SAACAAAU01A

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